About Safety

This information is provided to promote the safety of communities. All recommendations are based on what feels safe and possible. You are the expert in your situation. If you would like more specific information or recommendations on how to address a specific legal question, please contact us and we will try and connect you to a lawyer who can answer your questions. And above all else, please remember: no matter what, if you can’t or choose not to screen, if you take a risk, if you are using, if you go against your gut: Victimization is not your fault, and if you want support, please reach out to the HIPS hotline, ​​1 (800) 676-4477, or the SWOP hotline,  877-776-2004 (x 1).

Screening 101 for Working Online, from SWOP Chicago

Tricks of the Trade: Health and Safety on the Job, Specific to Engaging in Street-Based Work, L Synn Stern

Harm Reduction and Sex Work: Ask Ms. Harm Reduction, regular column on Tits and Sass

What to do if you’re stopped by police, ICE or the FBI from the ACLU

Safe Calls, Screening and the Buddy System for Sex Worker Safety


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