June 1: A National Day of Action

June 1 is a national day of political action around the issues of folks who trade sex. This is going to look different everywhere but it comes under the same principle: People who trade sex are constituents, are experts, are voices to be heard. Sex workers were the only ones who predicted the fallout of SESTA, and we’re going to make our presence known in Congress, in state legislatures, and in offices around the country.

Right now activities are being planned in the following cities. Click on each location to find the host organization/organizer.

If you are not in one of those cities, your voice is just as important, and might even start a whole new conversation. You can facilitate your own lobbying action: we’ve put together a quick guide here. Email us at survivorsagainstsesta@protonmail.com with updates on the lobbying action you are planning, and we can send more resources such as a leave-behind as well!


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