Documenting Tech Actions

Know of another tech action (change in terms of service, censorship, shutdown, notification) we haven’t documented? Please help us keep track by filling out this form. 

Since SESTA passed on Tuesday, March 21, we have documented the following actions taken by tech platforms:

CityVibe: Advertiser, shut down

Craigslist Personals: Meet-up Section, shutdown

Nightshift: Advertiser, shut down

Reddit: Closed subreddits which covered topics such as /escorts and /sugardaddy

TER: US advertising boards and US-based user accounts, shut down

VerifyHim: Verification site for sex workers, discussion board and mailing list; shut down; also noted it is “working to change the direction of the site”

Google Drive: (On-going) deleting explicit content and/or locking out users

Microsoft Terms-of-Service update that the use of “offensive language” and “inappropriate content” such as nudity may result in suspensions or bans; new TOS goes into effect May 1, 2018; Skype, Xbox, Office and other services to be affected

Hung Angels: Porn website spec for trans women. Forums, Removed

FetLife: Gathering information on how to respond to SESTA/FOSTA Advertiser, US-based ads shut down

MyFreeCams: Camming site, Changed TOS to explicitly ban any transaction (such as offering to meet a site member for a token) on March 28, 2018 Advertising Site, shut down, citing Craigslist’s choice to shut down from announcement: “we were able to offer as a free service to the community because the liability to us was manageable and we could manage our cost effectively…in many ways, this bill targets small sites like ours directly, it favors organizations with the resources to invest in filtering technology paid staff and legal support staff.” Advertising site, shut down Advertising site, shut down Advertising Site, shut down Advertising Site, shut down

Google Play updated its policy to ban explicit content such as “promotional images of sex toys” and “apps that promote escort services” Requires a completed W9 form for users to receive payout shutdown

USASexGuide.Info is temporarily closed

Humaniplex removed classifieds section on April 14, 2018

Preferred 411: Sex worker/client verification site, no longer accepting new US profiles shutdown

First Choice Pay (a payment platform for online cam performers) severed ties with the adult industry on April 11, 2018

EventBrite: Digital event site. Changed its TOS to exclude events that constitute or promote “explicit sexual activity or pornography”, April 3, 2018

Escort Babylon: Advertising site. No longer allowing access from the US, removed US location related pages  Social Networking site, removed their classifieds section Advertising site, shut down suspended their 18+ section, says re-opening soon

Rub Maps: Advertising site, bodywork specific, no longer accessible to US users

Swing Lifestyle: Social networking site, swingers, no longer allowing members to message each other

Collar Space: Social networking site, BDSM specific. No longer allowing journal entries, updates to profiles or accepting new profiles

Additionally, we are working to confirm actions taken by GoDaddy, WordPress, Gmail, and Instagram. In particular, we are trying to document Google Drive removing know-your-rights information and political advocacy presentations. If you have experiences or documentation of censorship actions taken by these platforms, please let us know.

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