The Impact of SESTA: For Allies

  • SESTA/FOSTA harms vulnerable populations engaging in the sex trade without helping trafficking victims.
    • Under FOSTA, collecting and distributing community-contributed information about violence, victimizers, or HIV/STI transmission when engaged in sex work could put a person at risk for criminal prosecution and would likely cause a chilling effect on websites being able to make that information available.
    • Denying these resources exacerbate the risk of violence and victimization for sex workers, including those who are victims of trafficking.
  • Shutting down websites that sex workers use to work indoors and screen clients more safely does not stop traffickers. To the contrary, this only drives sex workers, including those who are trafficked, to find clients on the street where they face higher rates of violence, HIV, Hepatitis C and sexually transmitted infections, and exploitation.
  • These websites hold vital resources for trafficking investigations.
    • There are no industry standards to stop traffickers from using websites for exploitation. This legislation does not get us closer to that goal, and instead makes it harder for police, prosecutors, or websites to identify and help victims.
  • Many tech organizations have strongly opposed SESTA as well. Find out more about their concerns at Stop SESTA.
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