Sunsetting Survivors Against SESTA

Hi lovelies,

If you missed our community calls last week, you can hear a recording by visiting this link or by dialing (515) 604-9448 with access code 793259 and reference number 2. We debriefed June 1, June 2, media and electoral work on the call.

On our call, we also announced the decision to sunset the campaign Survivors Against SESTA. We encourage you to listen to the call for the full explanation of how we arrived at the decision. In short: we started Survivors Against SESTA as a fast-paced response to a crisis. We wanted to bring resources together and share vetted updates as quickly as possible to empower people to mobilize in their communities. But campaigns are only one facet of organizing, and sustainable movement building means recognizing when something has served its purpose, recognizing when we need to step back to make space for long-term strategizing. The last couple months have demonstrated the absolute strength and power of this community. We’ve also seen allies and media take notice of our issues and fight with us like never before. All this should empower y’all to go back into your own communities and organize locally. More than ever, that’s what we need to win.

In the coming months, we are committed to archiving and sharing as much of our work as possible so it can be as useful as possible to the grassroots organizers and spaces that this knowledge originally came from.

We are taking the following steps to share widely the resources and information we’ve accumulated:

  1. We are documenting everything we did. We are making toolkits that y’all can use for future organizing. This will take us a few months, and we will release them over the mailing list and post them on the site as we finish them.
  2. We will publicize your organizing events over our mailing list and Instagram (@SurvivorsAgainstSESTA). Our platforms collectively have an audience 4.5k+ strong in places all around the country. Please visit for eligibility and directions on how to send an event in.
  3. We will continue to check and respond to our email Email us if you have questions about organizing, want to be connected to a resource, or just want to holler! Don’t hesitate to reach out.
  4. We’ll connect you to local organizers. If you’re looking get involved in local organizing but don’t know of any other organizers in your area, email us and we’ll look through our mailing list and personal networks to try to connect you to someone (with mutual consent, of course)!

All of y’all can continue to use #SurvivorsAgainstSESTA and #LetUsSurvive as banners to organizer under as much as you want, and we will continue to amplify your voices on the platforms we have. We’re just sunsetting the centralized campaign. The last four months have shown the awesome resilience of this movement. Let’s take that energy back to the places where this fight moves every day–locally, on the ground, by you.


Survivors Against SESTA


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