IWD: 2k+ protesters. Join us for community calls 6/20 and 6/22

To our amazing protesters, activists, radical agents of change:

We are awestruck by you. A sea of red umbrellas, the courage you showed in taking back public spaces, words expressing our anger, our fears, our compassion. By our count, y’all turned out 2k+ protesters for International Whores’ Day, the largest in US movement history. And June 1 was the first ever Lobby Day on the Hill, where 40 sex workers and allies met with staffers from 30+ representatives.

We invite you to join us for a community debrief call, where we’ll discuss June 1 and 2, as well as media efforts, and get your input on how you want to move forward, because you are all Survivors Against SESTA. Please spread the word about these calls. Post the call info on Insta, Twitter, and any other networks you have. Continue to encourage people to sign up for our mailing list so they receive updates as well. Feel free to forward this email out. Follow us on Insta: @survivorsagainstsesta for photos from IWD and more.

  • Call times: Wednesday, June 20, 8 pm EST and Friday, June 22, 2 pm EST
    • Dial-in: 515-604-9365
    • Access code: 793259
  • Before or during the call, please take a look at this document to provide input on what you need moving forward so we can talk about it on the call.

We want to be transparent that we are in a moment of transition. This started as a campaign in response to a crisis, and supporting sustainable movement building in the long-term looks very different. We will have updates for you on our community calls.

Meanwhile, if you enjoyed coming out for IWD, there are always ways to keep up the momentum. This month is Pride, and local LGBTQ Pride Parades can be great spaces for a sex worker contingent. Read more about how You Can’t Have Pride Without Marsha P. Johnson. We’ll see you there. 🙂

June 11-18 is also BYP-100’s #SayHerName Week of Action to End Violence Against Black Women and Girls. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to find out more about events in your area.

And if you haven’t uploaded photos of IWD to Getty, Shutterstock and Flickr under free editorial license, please do! Let’s overwhelm the stock photo sites with beautiful images of resistance so publications never print a fishnet stockings photo again.

Finally, we are working on a toolkit to document all the organizing on our end so y’all can have it as a resource in the future.

Thank you for being patient with us, we love you all.

Survivors Against SESTA


P.S. A list of media headlines about June 1 and 2 below. (More to come soon! Not everything we know of is up yet.)


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