One week later, what’s new

One week ago SESTA/FOSTA was passed by the Senate and now it’s on the way to the President’s desk for signature. We have already begun to see the wave of its impact with sites closing, adjusting their terms of service and closing threads. And as much as this has been a moment for panic and fear, it has also been a moment of coming together.

In the last week, we have also had two community calls with over 300 call-ins, including groups in cities from DC to San Francisco, meet-ups of sex workers across the country, countless (seriously, we can’t keep up) articles on the consequences of SESTA/FOSTA in larger and larger news outlets. This collective action and solidarity can only grow, and we are committed to stoking this fire as you all build a stronger and stronger resistance.

New this week on the site:

  • The Impact of SESTA/FOSTA: A guide to the impact the bill has had, and a rough guide to what’s changed, as well as some things you can do.
  • Tech Advice: We’ll be adding to this quickly, but here are a few tips on how to safeguard yourself online.
  • Documenting Tech Actions: We’re trying to keep up with what’s going on, and follow up on some of the more difficult patterns. As more things go down or change, please let us know – it’s help inform the info and the advocacy.
  • Keep Fighting: The next big milestone? June 1 and 2. Find out why and ways to keep the momentum up.
  • Find Your Folks: Sex workers are coming together like never before, and community is the backbone of how we’ll not just survive but thrive and grow. Here are some quick tips (we’ll keep building this! We promise!) for making spaces more accessible to your community members.
  • How Did My Rep Vote? A list of how Senators voted, by state. Long story short: Your Senator voted yes.

While a lot of us are scrambling, it’s easy to stay up and try and fight every second you’re awake – but that’s not how this movement survives, and it’s not how you survive. Kim Tran wrote a great article for everydayfeminism on Activist Self-Care that reminds us of things that we too quickly forget.

And in case this is part of your self care, here’s a hampster eating a tiny stack of pancakes.

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